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Recorded HS
Computer Science
Introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud (Photo, Video, Drawing, and Animation Tools)

We all know that video editing, photo editing, drawing, and animation tools are critical high school computer science skills — and with this course, you can get learning with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Total classes: 12

Suggested grade level: High School

Suggested credit: One full semester Computer Science


Learn to use the most popular Photo and Video, Drawing, and Animation tools while making fun and creative projects. The skills mastered in the course will help students to successfully produce materials for their other courses both in middle school, high school, and on into college. Additionally, they can use their skills to fulfill the Great Commission by creating videos for their church or youth group. Students will learn how to import sound, video, and image files and blend them together to create video productions. To accentuate their video productions, they will learn how to crop, layer, blend, touch-up, and filter images. Finally, they will learn to draw and create their own images and animations. Through the course, students will also learn how to analyze images that they encounter, and question how they were created and manipulated to view student-created movies.


Class 1 – Introduction, Fixing and Enhancing Images

Class 2 – storyboard, Adding Media

Class 3 – Adding Shapes and Text

Class 4 – Editing

Class 5 – Filters, Colors, Selections, Layers

Class 6 – Transitions and Special Effects

Class 7 – Final Video/Photo Composition

Class 8 – Final Video/Photo Composition

Class 9 – Drawing

Class 10 – Tweening

Class 11 – Animation

Class 12 – Final Animated Composition

Materials and Homework

Course materials: Students will need to purchase a one-year Adobe Creative Cloud license for $19.99/month available from Adobe here, or approximately $240 for the first year.

Note: This is PC or MAC-based and will not install on a Chromebook. Please check the system requirements to ensure that you have the needed hardware. You can learn more about system requirements here.

Homework: Students can expect to spend between 30 to 90 minutes 4 days per week working on their film, photo, and animated creations. Students will work each week towards creating a video and animation productions that incorporate all the skills learned throughout the course. Three mini-movies will be created during the course with a length of one to 5 minutes. Additionally, students will create four photo collages that include images that may be incorporated into their movies, a set of drawings, and animations. Homework will be graded and feedback will be provided. A daily schedule will be provided.

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