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High School Essential Writing 1: Punctuation & Grammar (HS 9-1)

Get rid of punctuation and grammar struggles and learn the must-have writing skills for mastering commas, tense, colons, semicolons, dashes, ellipses, and more – and overcome punctuation and grammar mistakes for good. Take this course with the 9-2 course with this course and gain a full semester’s credit for writing!

Total Classes: 6

Prerequisite: none

Suggested Grade Level: 9th grade; however, all high school students are welcome.

Suggested Credit: One-half (½) of a semester’s credit for Writing or English

Combine with High School Simplified Writing 1: Strong Foundational Writing Skills (HS 9-2) for one (1) full semester’s credit. When combined with the 9-2 course, this course is worth one (1) full semester’s credit for writing.


This is an essential writing course for all high school students, to solidify the use of upper-level punctuation and grammar—including mastering commas, tense, colons, semicolons, dashes, ellipses, and more. With the foundations this course gives, you can keep your student from struggling – giving them the skills to master punctuation and grammar details that may be holding your student back. Sentence constructions move from simple to complex, to prepare your student for upper high school and college courses. Take the 9-2 course with this course and gain a full semester’s credit for writing.


Class 1: Mastering commas in a series and commas with conjunctions using complex sentences
Class 2: Mastering commas and clauses and tough constructions, including multiple ideas, connectors, and transitions
Class 3: Mastering tense, competing punctuation, quotations, dashes, and ellipses
Class 4: Sticky-pair sentence construction (if-then, not only-but also) and tough grammar in upper-level constructions
Class 5: Mastering colons and semicolons with leading sentence constructions
Class 6: Mastering tricky punctuation details, end punctuation, and the most common grammar challenges

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Simplified Writing 101: Top Secrets for College Success, by Erin Brown Conroy: Buy the hard copy of the book here: http://amzn.to/2FMCose OR, buy the Kindle version of the book here (Download the FREE Kindle app to easily read on your computer, tablet, or mobile device): www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00B7AB90W/catholictreas-20
Microsoft Word or the ability to convert a document to a Word-compatible document is required. If you do not own Microsoft Word, you can use a system such as Google Docs that converts to Word documents FREE.

Homework: Weekly quizzes are graded automatically by the computer for immediate feedback. Estimated two (2) to four (4) hours per week for homework outside of class time, depending on the student’s ability.

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