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Jan 14, 2015

New Catholic Homeschooling Book

Why Should I Learn This is a compilation of essays written by a wide variety of authors, much like my previous books A Catholic Homeschool Treasury and The Catholic Homeschool Companion. It includes great authors such as Joseph Pearce, Mike Aquilina, Carol Reynolds, Mary Ellen Barrett, Gray Michuta, Monica Ashour, and so, so many more.
May 17, 2011

Catholic Books on Kindle

I love Louis de Wohl novels and recently purchased The Last Crusader for my Kindle. I’m very happy that Ignatius Press is making many of the de Wohl novels on Kindle along with many of their other titles including the Ignatius Bible. Ignatius isn’t the only Catholic publisher converting current and past titles for e-readers. […]
May 13, 2011

Free Kindle App and Books for Your Homeschool

Whether you own a Kindle, Nook or other e-reader there is a plethora of free books available to you. You don’t even have to buy the e-reader as both Kindle and Nook offer free applications for other electronic devices such as your PC, Mac or Blackberry. Just click on the image down below to download […]
May 11, 2011

Using Kindle in Your Homeschool

My name is Maureen and I’m a recovering book snob. There was a day not so long ago when I would pontificate endlessly about how I would never, ever own an e-reader. After all, nothing can replace the smell and feel of a real book. Right? I loved my books and I had no intention […]

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