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5 Reasons to Study Psychology in High School

Online Psychology High School Courses for Homeschoolers

With all of the course options available to Catholic homeschooling students, why should you consider adding psychology to the roster? Psychology is a tremendously useful subject to study. It has relevance to every other discipline; it is especially fitting for students pursuing the humanities, as it is an integral component of most social studies programs.

In this article we will highlight five reasons why you should incorporate psychology into your homeschooling curriculum.

1. Psychology helps you understand people

I know this may come as a shocker, but living in the world requires engagement with people. Studying psychology helps to understand the way people think and act. This is tremendously beneficial for navigating the variety of social situations that life throws us in. A mother dealing with children. Interacting with co-workers at the office. A teacher working with a group of students. The communication between a husband and wife. Almost every human interaction involves psychological principles. Understanding these principles is of inestimable help in cultivating wholesome relationships at work and home.

2. Psychology imparts practical skills

Psychology can also impart many practical skills that can make our lives easier. For example, understanding how the brain works and processes information can help us to form healthy study habits. Learning about the psychology of eating disorders and body dysmorphia can give parents tools to help develop children’s positive self-image and a healthy relationship with food. Learning about group psychology (how people behave in groups) can aid parents and teachers in classroom management. There’s all sorts of practical applications of psychology study!

3. Psychology appeals to many learning styles

Psychology has a broad appeal because it is not just about theoretical principles; it encompasses all aspects of human activity. There are certainly conceptual aspects to it, but psychology also incorporates experimentation, intuition, creativity, and emotional understanding. This means that psychology has something for every type of learner—bookworms can find voluminous tomes of psychology theory to dive into, while creative types can work with kids in child development; hands-on learners can immerse themselves in the vast field of psychological experimentation. The field is broad enough that there are niches where every type of learner can find a home.

4. Psychology could be a college major or career choice for you

“Make a career in psychology? I don’t want to become a therapist!” While we often associate psychologists with therapists, there is so much more to the psychology field than working as a therapists. People with psychology degrees work in research and development, marketing, coaching, education, human resources, social work, real estate, and much more. This comes back to the theme of the broad appeal of psychology—because psychology is the study of the human mind, it has applications across a variety of fields. So, even if your child has no intentions to be a therapist, there is still a tremendous career-applicability for psychological studies.

5. Psychology helps you learn more about yourself

“Know thyself.” This saying was carved in the court of the Temple of Delphi in ancient Greece, the oracle where the Greeks came seeking wisdom. True wisdom begins with understanding oneself and one’s motivations. In the Catholic faith, we have been taught to examine our consciences as a regular part of our spiritual lives. Psychology aids the process of self-discovery by shedding light on why you feel or act certain ways. It can give you the tools you need to break negative habits or patterns of thought. Elevated by grace, psychology can be a valuable tool in understanding yourself.

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons to consider studying psychology. Homeschool Connections has several live and recorded options for psychology classes online for Catholic homeschoolers (click on the hyperlink to browse and learn more).

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