Alex Jones

Alex Jones is CEO and one of the Co-Founders of Hallow, a Catholic prayer & meditation app. He and his team are dedicated to making Catholic meditation available and accessible across the world.

Colin Nykaza

Colin Nykaza spent 7 years as a seminarian, with a Masters in Divinity. Today, he features on EWTN, and is the Director of Young Adult Outreach for the Archdiocese of New York. Colin’s life mission is to spread the messages of Divine Mercy and devotion to Our Lady.

Joshua Mazrin

Author and speaker, Joshua Mazrin is Director of Evangelization for the Catholic Diocese of Venice in Florida. With a Masters in Theology, he has taught college-level theology courses. ​Joshua happens to be a huge theology nerd (and likes to share it!).

Monica McConkey

Mom of 5, Monica blogs about Catholic crafts and family traditions. She is an author and creator of 60+ Saint, Sacrament, Catechism and Prayer-packed Craft Kits to help teach the Catholic Faith. With her husband, Bill, she founded ‘Arma Dei’, a Catholic family publishing company.

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