Scope & Sequence

A scope is the depth and breadth of content to be taught. A sequence is the order in which the content is to be taught.

In other words, a scope & sequence is a plan of what and when to teach specific subjects and courses.

As homeschoolers, we can make adjustments to our individual children’s scopes & sequences as their academic careers progress, based on their interests, learning styles, and abilities. 

Sample Scope & Sequences

Below are several samples of scopes & sequences to help you create your own for your homeschooled children. Please note that every child is different and therefore no one scope & sequence is going to fit all children. These are merely examples.

All courses listed in the following samples are available through our Unlimited Access program (recorded, independent-learning courses). Many are also available as live, interactive courses (if not, check the catalog or registration page for alternatives).

The Basics:


Preparing for the World:

College Bound:


The first is 7th grade through 12th grade, starting with Ancient History and move chronologically, ending with World History in the 12th grade. The second is 6th grade through 12th grade, starting with American History and then covering other eras in high school.

Three different scopes & sequences: One based on a 24-week (annual) schedule; one based on a 36-week (annual) schedule; and one based on Christopher Zehnder’s Catholic Textbook Project.

Chesterton Academy Students:

Great Authors Course List: This list may be of special interest to students who intend to take the CLT exam.


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