Pre-K to 8th Grade Curriculum: Mater Amabilis (Free!) for Catholic Homeschoolers

Pre-K to 8th Grade Curriculum: Mater Amabilis (Free!)

UPDATE: Homeschool Connections now offers a Charlotte Mason style grade school program for 3rd to 6th grade. For pre-k to 2nd grade we recommend a relaxed, eclectic curriculum or Mater Amabilis.

Homeschool Connections specializes in online education for middle and high school students. The classes offered for middle school are fewer in number than the classes offered for high school. We believe, strongly, that the current technology works great for older students but is not appropriate for grade school students.

We sometimes get requests from parents for grade school classes. However, the earliest our courses begin is 6th grade and those are few. Our philosophy is that younger students need to spend as little time as possible on the computer.

If you have preschool to grade school children, we highly recommend Mater Amabilis. This is a free Charlotte Mason curriculum for Catholic homeschooling families. Yes, FREE! It was put together by a group of dedicated Catholic home educators in the U.S. and England to be given freely to the entire Catholic homeschooling community.

Thousands upon thousands of Catholic homeschooling families have used Mater Amabilis over the years. I heard from one just yesterday:

I am so appreciative for Homeschool Connections and Mater Amabilis as we have benefited greatly from both your offerings in our homeschool over the years. Bravo!!
~ Meredith Henning, author of Mondays with Mary

If you are interested in learning more, please click here: Mater Amabilis: A Pre-K to Eighth Grade Charlotte Mason Style Curriculum.

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