Episode 181:

Panel: How Three Moms Celebrate Christmas

Hosted by

Lisa Mladinich


Episode 181:

Panel: How Three Moms Celebrate Christmas

Hosted by

Lisa Mladinich

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The Advent and Christmas seasons are complex and beautiful times of year in our Catholic liturgies AND our family traditions! If you’re looking for inspiration, our beautiful mom panel, Jaydalia Dunne, Eleanor Bourg Nicholson, and Olivia Spears are here to share How Three Moms Celebrate Christmas.

Contact Jaydalia Dunne:
[email protected]

Recipe for Swedish Buns for St. Lucy Day:

Link to advent candle making for kids:

Find Eleanor Bourg Nicholson:

Eleanor’s “Christmas with Dickens” course:

Advent Prayers: https://archive.wf-f.org/ADVPray.html

Christmas Novena: https://archive.wf-f.org/ChrisNovena.html

Star of Bethlehem documentary: https://bethlehemstar.com/

Find Olivia Spears:
Into the Deep: https://intothedeep.co

On Instagram: @intothedeepco
Into the Deep Picture Study: Joyful Mysteries:

Jennifer Mackintosh’s website:

More Resources:
“Christmas in Literature, Drama, and Music for Middle School” taught by Kevin O’Brien

Episode 62: A Dickensian Christmas with Tony Eselen

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