Episode 188:

Homeschool with the Saints for History and Literature!

Hosted by

Lisa Mladinich


Episode 188:

Homeschool with the Saints for History and Literature!

Hosted by

Lisa Mladinich

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As Catholics, we know how powerful it is to walk day by day in the abiding presence of God and in the fellowship of His saints. Today’s guest is a homeschooling dad and the founder of Arx Publishing, Tony Schiavo, here with some exciting ways to Homeschool with the Saints for History and Literature!

Connect with Tony Schiavo and Arx Publishing: www.arxpub.com

Tony’s previous Homeschooling Saints Podcast episode: Being a Homeschool Dad and Publisher.

The First Crusade: The Accounts of Eye-Witnesses and Participants:  http://www.arxpub.com/HSBookstore/Faith-sci.html#FirstCrusade

Authentic Accounts of Christian Martyrdom and Persecution from the Ancient Sources: http://www.arxpub.com/literary/i_am_a_christian.html

Young Catholics Bookshelf: http://www.arxpub.com/HSBookstore/Index.html

Author Katy Campbell, https://katysfables.com/books/

Personal Reflections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain: https://amzn.to/4aMr1j8 (affiliate link)

Wounds of Love by Phillip Campbell, https://amzn.to/48HCfUN (affiliate link)

Hillside Education: https://www.hillsideeducation.com/

Louis deWohl novels: https://ignatius.com/authors/louis-de-wohl/

Vision Series: https://ignatius.com/kids/summer-reading/the-vision-books-series/

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Intro voice is Dave Palmer radio personality and author of St. Thomas Aquinas for Everyone

Our host is Lisa Mladinich

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