Online Writing Program for Homeschoolers


Homeschool Connections has taken our separate writing courses and put them together to create a full program for you and your children:
Complete, progressive, and thorough 
• Gives your student all the skills needed—foundations, development, advanced, and creative writing 
• Leaves no gaps and prepares your student for college and the workplace 
• Designed as a skills-based program—your student will advance and increase writing skills faster than a grade-based program 

• Middle School Essential Writing 1: Punctuation and Grammar (6 weeks) 
• Middle School Essential Writing 2: Sentence and Paragraph Writing (6 weeks) 
 • Middle School Simplified Writing 1 (8 weeks) 

• Middle School Simplified Writing 2: Essays and Papers (8 weeks) 

Creative (Middle and High School) 
• Fiction: Description and Setting (4 weeks) 
• Fiction: Character and Dialogue (4 weeks) 
• Fiction: Plot and Structure (4 weeks) 
• Fiction: Theme, Style, and Point of View (4 weeks) 
• Fiction: Conflict (4 weeks) 
• Fiction: Authoring a Book (4 weeks) 
• The Hero’s Journey and Mythic Structure for Writers 1: Archetypes (8 weeks) 
• The Hero’s Journey and Mythic Structure for Writers 2: Form (8 weeks) 
• Poetry Writing I; Joining the Great Tradition (14 weeks) 
• Coming in 2016/2017: Screenwriting 

• How to be an Excellent Student (4 weeks) 
• High School Essential Writing 1: Punctuation and Grammar (6 weeks) 
• High School Simplified Writing 1 (8 weeks) 

• High School Essential Writing 2: Excellent Paragraphs and Essays (6 weeks) 
• Vocabulary and Writing, Part One (14 weeks) 
• Vocabulary and Writing, Part Two (14 weeks) 

• Simplified Writing 2: Rhetoric, Essays and Papers (10 weeks) 
• Simplified Writing 3: Research Writing (10 weeks) 
• Coming in 2016/2017: The 5-Paragraph Essay and Beyond

Homeschool Connections has designed this program to help homeschool parents in their vocation as primary teachers. All of the live, interactive courses include grading and commenting on all assignments. The recorded, independent-learning courses through our Unlimited Access program have two grading options. First, parents can do the grading on their own. Second, if you prefer to outsource grading, all of the writing courses come with Instructor Access (optional grading service). The fee for Instructor Access varies by course based on the difficulty of the grading. Please see the course catalog for prices.

To download the Aquinas Writing Advantage Suggested Scope and Sequence, click HERE.
To register for live, interactive courses, click HERE.
To sign up for recorded, independent-learning courses (Unlimited Access), click HERE.


Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions: [email protected]. Or leave a comment below.
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