Catholic homeschoolers at the March for Life

March for Life Connections

At Homeschool Connections, we’re all about making connections. Recently, we made one we didn’t expect. One that involved two students and the March for Life.

Laura from Eastern Michigan was traveling by bus to Washington, D.C. with her Homeschoolers4Life group for the March for Life. Sam was traveling from Western Michigan. Neither knew the other was heading to DC.

When Laura’s bus stopped at a gas station in Ohio, she went inside for a quick minute along with a few others. A teen boy noticing the Homeschoolers4Life T-shirts began chatting with them. He was a homeschooler too. As their conversation unfolded, he realized they had a connection. “I know who you are! You’re Laura! I’m Sam! Sam from Miss Ashour’s class! We take Homeschool Connections classes together!”

They had never seen each other before, but they heard each other’s voices via their headsets during class. And, now, here they were, meeting face to face on their way to the March for Life.

That is a great connection!

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