Caravel is our new Learning Management System which is built with your needs as a parent and student in mind. It is designed, developed, owned, and fully operated by Homeschool Connections. In other words, IT’S OURS!


What is Caravel?

Caravel is our new, in-house learning management system designed to replace Moodle. We built it with the expressed needs of parents and students in mind. 

What is a Learning Management System?

According to Wikipedia, a Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, materials or learning and development programs. 

In other words, it is where students go to work on their assignments and participate in class and where their teachers go to facilitate their courses. And Caravel is our very own LMS. 

Do I use my Moodle login or Go Sign Me Up login?

No. You need to create an entirely new account in Caravel. And it’s simple you only need to provide your first and last name along with your email address. If you plan to add your students at the same time, you can follow the same prompts for them. 

When will the LIVE Fall and Spring courses open for registration?

Live course registration is open for Summer. Fall and Spring 2025 courses are being added daily with all the courses being added by mid April 2024.

When will Unlimited Access courses be available on Caravel?

All of the Recorded Courses will be available by mid Summer 2024. 

How long will I have access to my old courses in Moodle?

We will keep your access to your courses in Moodle for quite some time. There currently is no expiration date for access to Moodle courses. With that in mind, please make sure to capture your student’s performance in their Moodle courses as soon as possible.

How does Caravel make things easier for me and my students?
  • Live Registration and Recorded Courses are all now integrated. Everything is done on one website.
  • It is just one login for the entire family. Parents can easily add profiles for their students within one account. 
  • Live and Recorded course information can be accessed within one account, and you can move seamlessly between them.  
  • Improved communication platform that offers direct messaging between families and instructors.
  • Parents now have the option to access their student’s course and grade information in one convenient location. 
How long will I have access to my Parent/Student accounts in GoSignMeUp?

We will retain those records which are provided to us by GoSignMeUp after the conclusion of our contract with them. 

Will my course account information be transferred to the new Caravel?

No. We assure you that your Moodle course information will stay in Moodle and your Caravel course information will stay in Caravel. Your access to Moodle and all the information in it will remain, and we are committed to ensuring your access to your information is not affected.

We, however, strongly encourage parents to retrieve their student records from Moodle. At some point we will retire Moodle and the information will expire. 

Will I be able to print my family's course/grade information from within Caravel?

To be Determined. 

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