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How to Earn High School Credit: Summer Online Classes

We’ve been talking a lot lately about summer homeschooling (see here and here). The vast majority of Homeschool Connections’ summer LIVE, interactive online courses are shorter than conventional semester classes. This is by design, so as to not intrude upon summer fun too much. But perhaps you want to take a full semester for the summer. You may have a teen who would like to get a tough subject out of the way over the summer. Or one who would like to graduate early. Or, maybe one who needs to catch up. Are there any full-semester high school summer courses available for those students?

If you’d like recorded, self-paced courses, those are available year-round. You can learn more here, Unlimited Access.

If you prefer LIVE, interactive courses, we have just one full-semester course, Introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud (Photo, Video, Drawing, and Animation Tools). However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more options. Many parents looking for full semester summer courses combine shorter courses together to create a full semester. Here are some samples showing how to combine LIVE Summer 2022 Courses for a full semester credit.


Pick any two of these summer philosophy classes for a full semester, or, if you are feeling ambitious, take all four and get a full year’s worth of philosophy credit.

How to Fail at Logic with Julian Ahlquist (4 classes)
The Master of Those Who Know: Dante and Aristotle with Dr. Jean Rioux (9 classes)
Philosophy of Science with Dr. Sam Nicholson (9 classes)
The Internet, Critical Thinking, and the Catechism with Christopher Martin (8 classes)


Same story with theology: you can combine two online classes to get a full semester, or take all four for a full year’s theology credit.

What on Earth is the Kingdom of Heaven?! with Holly Vaughn (6 classes)
All About Angels with Debbie Gaudino (6 classes)
Shroud & Sudarium: Burial Cloths of Jesus? with Mike Creavy (8 classes)
Genesis Deep-Dive with Inshal Chenet (7 classes)


We have two Fine Arts classes available this summer and each is 6 classes, so combining them gives you a perfect 12 session semester class!

Gregorian Chant Camp with Victoria Pulliam (6 classes)
Photography Bootcamp with Victoria Cerise (6 classes)


Our two Computer classes can be combined into a very comprehensive 16-week course. Notice that there are two sessions of Coding with Minecraft, one in June and one in July. This gives you greater discretion in working this into your summer schedule.

Microsoft Excel with Domenico Ruggiero (8 classes)
Coding with Minecraft with Peggy Morrow (8 classes)


This summer we have two very exciting history courses on the Great Depression and Pirates. Smoosh them together for an awesome 12 session online history course!

History Boot Camp: The Great Depression: 1929-1941 with Phillip Campbell (4 classes)
Pirates: The Golden Age, and their World with Christopher Martin (8 classes)


We have a lot of Life Skills offerings this summer. Mix and match these any way you’d like for a full semester. Note that Erin M. Brown’s How to Be an Excellent Student course has May and August segments to choose from, and that Tammy Parker’s Organized for Success has high school and middle school segments.

How to Be an Excellent Student: Note Taking, Test Taking, & How to Get an A with Erin Brown (4 classes)
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens with Debbie Gaudino (6 classes)
Homesteading: Why and How with Nick Wilson (4 classes)
How to be Miserable with Inshal Chenet (8 classes)
Organized for Success with Tammy Parker(4 classes)


We have some great online Catholic literature courses this summer! Mix and match them for a full semester.

Call You Friends: The Friendship of Tolkien and Lewis with Kevin O’Brien (8 classes)
Literature: What Every Catholic Should Know with Joseph Pearce (6 classes)
Sherlock Holmes vs. Father Brown II with Kevin O’Brien (6 classes)


You can mix and match these courses for a full semester; or, if you take all of these and also add on Philosophy of Science, you can have a full year of science courses.

Pandemic Diseases with Monica Breier (7 classes)
DNA & Basic Genetics with Monica Breier (4 classes)
DNA & Mutations with Monica Breier (4 classes)

Put Our Catholic Online Catholic Courses to Work for You!

This is just another example of how you can take an eclectic approach to our online classes to make them work for your schedule. Mixing and matching a few summer courses can really add up; if you managed to take a semester’s worth of courses every summer, you could graduate high school an entire semester early!

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