FAQ: Summer Classes for Catholic Students

Homeschool Connections offers two options for summer learning. 1) Live, interactive classes and 2) Recorded classes (Unlimited Access!). Following is a question we received about using Unlimited Access! over the summer.

Q: I’m considering using Unlimited Access! over the summer. What are the advantages and how do we get the most out of it.

A: As homeschoolers, we all know that education takes place all the time. Summer is a great time for learning with vacations, summer camps, and more. We can also continue scheduled lessons, although on a more casual basis.

Advantages include:

  • Keeping lessons fresh to save time on review in September
  • Create a vibrant learning environment
  • Give students a head start in new subjects
  • Encourage a joy and desire to learn new things

Tips for using Unlimited Access! over the summer:

  • Keep it simple. You can forgo homework and focus strictly on lectures
  • Answer keys are supplied with most courses if you decide to do the homework and tests
  • Try plugging your computer into the TV so the whole family can watch classes together
  • Because classes are recorded, you can take them in the morning before summer activities or in the evening to wind down after summer fun
  • Class times are totally flexible and up to you
  • We recommend choosing shorter courses of 4 to 6 lectures for the summer
  • Summer is a great time for life skills classes such as job search skills, test prep, and finances for teens.
  • Literature and history courses are popular in the summer
  • Look for “summer camps”. These are courses designed specifically to prepare students over the summer for upcoming fall classes (including math and Latin)
  • You can take classes anyplace you can find an internet connection — hotels, libraries, and more

If you have questions about Homeschool Connections, please drop us an email at [email protected].


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