FAQ: College Bound Students

FAQs for HS Juniors and Seniors Who are Planning to Go to College


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When should I start visiting colleges to see which one is the right fit for me?
It is recommended to start college visits in the fall or spring of your junior year.

When do I apply for college?
You will want to check with each college, but typically, you can submit your application during
the summer before your senior year of HS.

Do I have to take the ACT or SAT?
For admission, most colleges require your official GPA and your ACT or SAT score. However, many
schools offer alternative admission options to the ACT or SAT. Many schools also accept the CLT
(Classical Learning Test).

What is the difference between a college and a university?
A college is typically a smaller institution that only offers undergraduate degrees, while a
university offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Many universities also offer PhD
programs. Some institutions prefer to maintain their title as “college” due to tradition, so there
are some colleges that offer graduate programs.

What is the FAFSA?
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form completed to determine eligibility for
student financial aid. If a student chooses to submit the FAFSA, it is recommended to submit it
before confirming a college choice, as this will help colleges determine their financial aid

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