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Aug 28, 2023

The Truth About Homeschoolers and Pajamas

Do homeschoolers really do school in their pajamas? What's the deal here? Is there anything to this stereotype, or is it just an urban legend? Today, we are going to get to the bottom of this.
May 08, 2023

9 Things Homeschoolers Need to Unlearn

As we gain homeschool experience, we often divest ourselves of preconceived notions. We find that many accepted educational standards are unpractical or even detrimental in a homeschool setting.
Mar 27, 2023

Can I Homeschool High School?

Here are six different ways that homeschooling high school is simpler, easier, and less of a hassle than you think!
Mar 21, 2023

What Does AI Say About Homeschooling?

We thought it would be fun to go into Chat GPT and ask about homeschooling. Here is what it said...
Feb 28, 2023

Homeschooling and Waiting for Readiness

It can be disheartening when your child seems "stuck" in a subject over a long period of time. It can cause you to second guess yourself and homeschooling.
Jan 17, 2023

Why do homeschoolers… ?

Recently, we did some Googling about homeschooling to see what the Google algorithm's predictive text would give us. The results were hilarious.

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