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Sep 29, 2022

Philosophers Club: Reading List for Teens

Teaching philosophy can seem daunting to those of us who did not receive a good classical education ourselves. To help you, here is a teen philosophy reading list, tips for a teen philosophy club, and more to make your homeschooling easier.
Feb 21, 2022

Catholic Classical Homeschooling: Philosophy

What is philosophy exactly, and why should our students learn it? The study of philosophy not only teaches particular truths about life and the human person, but it inculcates students with a disposition of truth-seeking. The reflective person is not only one who knows, but who knows why and how they know.
Jan 22, 2022

Catholic Philosophy Reading List for Beginners

You’re never too young or too old to delve into philosophy. Studying the subject, at any age, helps us to develop clear thinking and gives us the ability to scrutinize the small, as well as the big, details. It is key in searching out Truth and in growing closer to our Creator.
May 17, 2019

Four-Year Cycle Homeschooling

Four Year Cycle Utilizing Homeschool Connections with UNLIMITED ACCESS   If you follow a four-year cycle, such as that used with Story of Civilization by Phillip Campbell, you can use recorded, independent-learning courses with Homeschool Connections for your 5th through 12th grade curriculum. Here is a list of recorded courses through our Unlimited Access program […]
Apr 22, 2019

4-Year Cycle: Ancient History

ANNOUNCING Homeschool Connections’ new four-year cycle for live, interactive courses … In response to requests from students and their parents, Homeschool Connections has organized a four-year cycle of coordinated courses for all students in your family, third through twelfth grade. This is so your entire family can learn about the same era at the same […]
Aug 18, 2016

Why Teach Formal Logic in Your Homeschool?

Note: Dr. Gotcher offers several outstanding logic and literature courses through Homeschool Connections’ Unlimited Access program.  This article is an excerpt from the book Why Should I Learn This. To order click here: Paperback eBook Why Should I Learn Formal Logic? Robert F. Gotcher, Ph.D. Introduction My seven-year old and his friend from next door are […]

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