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Mar 04, 2024

Homeschooling as a Single Parent

Life isn't always tidy, and many families do not fit into the traditional mold. Single parents have unique trials in homeschooling.
Mar 01, 2024

8 Ways to Find Peace in Your Homeschool Decision

Peace. We all want it for ourselves and our families, but it can be such a struggle. Jennifer Smarsh, has wonderful insights on some of the “dragons” we need to slay. Today she offers us Eight Ways to Win the Battle for Peace in Our Homeschools!
Feb 19, 2024

Help When Homeschooling Isn’t Working

Are you ready to throw in the towel? Here are tips to help you troubleshoot and overcome issues when homeschooling isn't working.
Jan 30, 2024

Building Academic Confidence in Your Homeschool

But what makes confidence? How is it acquired? It doesn't materialize out of thin air.
Jan 11, 2024

Five Steps to Evaluate a Homeschool Curriculum

One consequence of homeschooling's growing popularity is the rich variety of homeschooling curricula available today.
Jan 01, 2024

8 New Years’ Resolutions for Homeschoolers

The turning of the year is a time when we reflect on our lives and make resolutions about positive changes we'd like to make in the coming year. For homeschoolers, self-reflection on our homeschooling is integral to successful home education.

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