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Jan 16, 2024

All You Need to Know About Homeschool Accreditation

Do homeschool programs need to be accredited? Do you need an accredited transcript to get into college? Here's everything you need to know about homeschool accreditation. You, as a home educator, are the Accreditor!
Oct 03, 2016

Do Homeschool Programs Need to Be Accredited?

Do I need to sign my children up for an accredited home study program? The answer depends upon the family’s individual dynamic. Here we’ll explore what accreditation is and when it is necessary.
May 01, 2013

Do Homeschool Programs Need to Be Accredited?

  FAQ: Accreditation and Homeschool Connections Q. What is accreditation? • Accreditation is a voluntary process, performed by private, nongovernmental agencies. • There is no central control or authority. • There are good accrediting agencies and bad ones. • One accrediting organization is not legally designated as being superior over another. Q. What does accreditation […]

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