Ancient History Posts
Oct 30, 2023

Learn About Ancient Monuments with Mr. Campbell!

I wondered how stone age people could have constructed such a massive structure—how, without modern technology, did they hue such massive stones out of the rock, drag them into place, position them, and lift them on top of one another?
Nov 15, 2022

Reading Your Way Through World History: Ancient Times

History need not be taught through history textbooks alone. Literature can provide an engaging and memorable opening to the world of history!
Apr 22, 2019

4-Year Cycle: Ancient History

ANNOUNCING Homeschool Connections’ new four-year cycle for live, interactive courses … In response to requests from students and their parents, Homeschool Connections has organized a four-year cycle of coordinated courses for all students in your family, third through twelfth grade. This is so your entire family can learn about the same era at the same […]

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