Karen Cruess, MA, LPC

Karen Cruess is a gifted speaker, licensed counselor, and educator with a passion for helping women experience the fullness of God’s plan for their lives.

Naomi Zepeda

Naomi Zepeda is the Founder and CEO of ‘Feminine Genius Strategists’, Woman School Strategist, Speaker and Entrepreneur. Her mission is to help women craft their own life, linking arms together to set the world on fire.

Judith Jolma

Judith Jolma is a Convert, Wife, Homeschooling Mother of 4, Founder of Sophia Homeschool, Self-worth Strategist,Speaker, Writer and Entrepreneur. She is passionate about teaching women how to rise above depletion so they can give to their families from a life of wholeness.

Maria Spears

Maria Spears is an entrepreneur, musician, speaker, Self-Worth Strategist and Mindset Coach. She inspires people and gives them the tools to take their life to the next level by living a life of integrated wholeness in Jesus Christ!

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