Catherine Zepeda

A young Catholic, Catherine Zepeda is Co-Founder of Feminine Genius Strategists: Vocation Formation for Lay Women.

Sophia Latino

A young Catholic, Sophia Latino works to inspire young women to connect more authentically, to form faster friendships in Christ. She has volunteered for camps, pilgrimages, and retreats, and is heavily involved in her Youth Group and Choir. 

Taylor Schroll

Taylor is the founder of Forte Catholic where he is a speaker, worship leader, podcast/radio host. His mission is to “Make Catholicism Fun Again” by sharing the Joy of the Gospel in all that he does.

Brenden Flynn

Brenden Flynn survived an accident that left him with severe traumatic brain injuries. In rehab, he fell in love and married Nicole. Today, he has defied the odds. Together, they made it their life mission to serve God by educating people with their faith filled stories.

Simon Carrington

Young, married, and passionate about the message of Chastity and Theology of the Body, Simon Carrington speaks to thousands each year about real life in Christ.

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