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Episode 84: Choose the Best Math Curriculum for Your Child

One of the most overwhelming parts of being a new homeschooler is figuring out how to teach math at home. Each child learns in unique ways and—well, let’s face it—very few of us are confident teaching math to begin with. Veteran homeschooler and popular curriculum reviewer, Cathy Duffy, is here to help us to Choose the Best Math Curriculum for Your Child!

Find Cathy here: https://cathyduffyreviews.com/#

Here’s the link to a new prayer podcast that features Cathy


Find Cathy’s book, “Everyday Evangelism for Catholics”


Recommended Resources:

  • Reflex Math
  • Arcademics Online Academic Games
  • Triangle Flash Cards
  • Math Antics
  • Songs for math facts
  • Learning Wrap Ups
  • Horse Lovers Math, Football Math
  • Kindertown
  • Math is fun .com
  • Math u See
  • Singapore or Dimensions Math
  • Redbird Math
  • Teaching textbooks
  • Math Lessons for a Living Education
  • The Good and the Beautiful Math
  • Life of Fred
  • Math on the Level for very targeted instruction
  • Beast Academy – comic books style presentation
  • Master Math gr 6-8 & Alg 1
  • Ck12 Interactive Math
  • Plain and Not So Plain
  • When Math Matters: Discover the Power of Mathematics in the Real World


Today’s Short Feature: Ideal to Real, Chantal Howard

Topic: How to Choose Joy

Contact: https://www.chantal-howard.com


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