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Roman Civilization II

Some of the greatest and most interesting achievements in the human story happened during the rise of the Roman Republic, its collapse into an empire, and its eventual fall. It continues to influence us today in so many ways that can only be accounted for in a proper academic setting. This course seeks to show students the importance of knowing where we come from by looking at the Roman story.

Total classes: 12

Prerequisite: It is recommended that a student takes Roman Civilization I first, however, it is not required.

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: 1 full semester History or Ancient History


In this course, students will learn about the fall of the Roman Republic, the rise of the Roman Empire, the Rise of Christianity, and the fall of Rome. Students will learn what it was like to live under the rule of a Roman Emperor and how the political situation changed when the Republic fell. The student will understand the impact of Christianity on the Roman Empire and understand how early Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. Students will also understand the multiple factors that led to the fall of Rome, but also how Rome still influences us all the way to today.


Weeks 1-4: The Collapse of the Roman Republic – Topics discussed: Roman citizenship, the disparity between the rich and the poor, The assassination of the Gracchi brothers, Roman Civil Wars, Marius and Sulla, Julius Caesar

Week 4-8: Roman Empire – Topics discussed: The Pax Romana, Continued Roman expansion, Bread and Circuses, Christianity, The first emperors

Weeks 9-12: The Fall of Rome– Topics discussed: The Good Emperors, The Crisis of the Third Century, The fragmentation of Rome into east and west, the desolation of the Gothic tribes

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: All course materials will be provided FREE by the instructor or will be easily accessible through the internet.

Homework: This course will utilize weekly quizzes, two short essays, and a final exam. Students should be prepared to do one to two hours of work per week to be successful in this course.

Important Dates

Class dates: Wednesdays, January 10 to April 10, 2024. No class Feb. 14 (Ash Wednesday) or March 27 (Holy Week).

Starting time: 11:30 AM Eastern (10:30 Central; 9:30 Mountain; 8:30 Pacific)

Duration per class: 55 minutes

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