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Literature | Drama/Performing Arts
One Act Plays and Playwriting

What better way to study drama and playwriting than to perform short plays in class on Zoom with other students – live! With Kevin O’Brien, professional playwright and actor, we will go over a selection of one-act plays in this course and even get some sense of how to write them – and how not to write them!

Total classes: 6

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 6th to 9th grade

Suggested credit: 1/2 semester Literature, Writing, or English


Mr. O’Brien has written and produced over 40 plays and screenplays. In this course, we’ll look at the challenge of short plays. We’ll read a few one-act plays live in class – with students playing parts, if they’d like to! And we’ll try our hand at writing our own short plays – comedies, dramas, adventures and farces!


Class One: “Professor Palladium’s Traveling Theatrical Wonderment Show”
Class Two: “The Happy Journey”
Class Three: “Hello Out There!”
Class Four: “Lamb of God”
Class Five: “Who Killed Christmas?”
Class Six: Highlights of Student Plays

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: PDF files provided FREE by the instructor.

Homework: Auto-Graded Quizzes and a Creative Final Project – writing a short sketch or five-minute play. Plan on about one hour of homework per week.

Important Dates

Class Dates: Tuesdays, October 24 to December 12, 2023. No class Oct. 31 or Nov. 21.  

Starting time: 1:00 PM Eastern (12:00 Central; 11:00 Mountain; 10:00 Pacific)

Duration per class: 45 minutes

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