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High School Theistic Apologetics: Are Science and Religion Enemies?

As Catholics we know that God is the Author of Science. Join Mr. Michuta in this course to learn how Faith and Reason work together and the Church’s role in scientific study over the centuries.

Total classes: 7

Prerequisite: Previous apologetics course(s) with Mr. Michuta or equivalent.

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: ½ semester Theology. To extend to a full semester, add another apologetics course. Or, see Recommended Reading and present a research paper to your parent. 


Over the last century, a myth has developed that Science and the Catholic Church are enemies or that scientific knowledge is superior to all other forms of knowledge. This class explores the roots of science, the problem of scientism, and shows how the Church gave birth to modern science.


Class 1: The “Enemy” Myth
Class 2: The “Stillbirths” of Science
Class 3: Galileo: Friend or Foe?
Class 4: Problems with Materialism
Class 5: The Problem of Scientism
Class 6: The “Faith” of Science
Class 7: Catholic Contributions to Science

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Recommended reading (Note: These titles are not required for course completion, but are highly recommended to go more deeply into the subject or if you’d like to make a full semester of the course): 

How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Thomas Wood, https://amzn.to/3lqjfWV

Catholic Essays by Fr. Stanley Jaki, ISBN #0931888395 (out of print), https://amzn.to/3IgCNWK

Science was born of Christianity: The Teaching of Fr. Stanley Jaki by Stacy Trasancos, https://amzn.to/3K3k9Tx

For inexpensive used copies see www.bookfinder.com.

Homework: Reading and weekly quizzes. Quizzes are auto-graded for immediate feedback.

Important Dates

Class dates: Thursdays, January 11 to February 29, 2024. (No class Feb. 15)

Starting Time: 10:00 AM Eastern (9:00 Central; 8:00 Mountain; 7:00 Pacific)

Duration per class: 55 minutes

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