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Dispelling Historical Distortions Part Two: The Galileo Affair, Anti-Semitism in the Church, “Hitler’s Pope”

Register for this course and learn the role the Catholic Church plays in history. We’ll dive into the hot topics of Galileo, anti-semitism, and the Church’s role during World War II.

Total classes: 12

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: 1 full semester High School Theology or Apologetics


For centuries, successful attempts have been made to paint the Catholic Church in the worst possible light. These distortions in history are known as “no-popery history.” These myths have been repeated so often that they are often defended today as undeniable truths. In this second part of a two-part series, students will learn several of the key historical myths that every defender of the Faith should know such as the condemnation of Galileo, anti-Semitism in the Church, and the “Hitler’s Pope” myth.


Class #1 – Later Additions to “No-Popery” History
Class #2 – Science before Galileo
Class #3 – What Happened with Galileo?
Class #4 – The Myth of the War between Science and Religion
Class #5 – Answering Common Objections
Class #6 – Is Catholicism Anti-Semitic?
Class #7 – Anti-Semitism: the Crusades, the Inquisition, and World War II.
Class #8 – Answering Common Objections Regarding Anti-Semitism.
Class #9 – Pope Pius XII and the Nazis
Class #10 – Communist Russia and the myth of “Hitler’s Pope”
Class #11 – Answering Common Objections
Class #12 – How to Answer “No-Popery” Objections / Mock Dialog

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Recommended but not required: 

Bearing False Witness: Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholic History by Rodney Stark

Hitler, the War, and the Pope and  Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism by Ronald Rychlak

Homework: Expect to spend at least 30 minutes outside of class per week. Weekly quizzes are provided to reinforce learning. Quizzes are automated for immediate feedback. 

Important Dates

Class Dates: Tuesdays, January 9 to April 9, 2024 (No class Feb. 13 or March 26)

Starting Time: 10:00 AM Eastern (9:00 Central; 8:00 Mountain; 7:00 Pacific)

Duration per class: 55 minutes

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