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Ancient Civilizations, Part Two: Greece and Rome

Explore the rise and glory of two of the greatest civilizations in history, and learn the tragedy of their decline and fall.

Total classes: 14

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 6th to 9th grade. 10th grade and up are also welcome – adjustments can be made to assignments for older students.

Suggested credit: One full semester History or Ancient History


This course traces the rise, reign, and rule of two of the most important civilizations: Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. This includes their legendary founders and heroes, including Romulus and Remus, Achilles and Agamemnon, Augustus Caesar and even the revolt of Spartacus.


Week 1: Introduction and overview of syllabus and assignments
Ancient Greece
Week 2: The Greek Awakening
Week 3: The Persian Wars
Week 4: Athens and Sparta
Week 5: The Rise of Macedon
Week 6: Alexander the Great
Week 7: From Alexander to Hadrian
Ancient Rome
Week 8: Legendary Beginnings
Week 9: The Growth of Empire
Week 10: The End of the Republic
Week 11: The Rule of Emperors
Week 12: Crisis and Catastrophe
Week 13: Reconstruction and Revival
Week 14: Decline and Fall

Materials and Homework

Course materials: All course materials are provided FREE by the instructor.

Homework: Writing is an integral part of demonstrating both the assimilation of knowledge and the articulation thereof. Therefore, students will be guided through the process of writing a short  (1-2 page, double-spaced) review of a book of their choice relevant to the subject matter. 

NOTE: High School students taking this course may instead write a 3-5 page book review

 Also, students will have one short (5-10 minute), ungraded review quiz per week based on classroom lectures and discussions.

Important Dates

Class Dates: Wednesdays, January 10 to April 24, 2024. No class Feb. 14 or Mar. 27.

Starting time: 1:00 PM Eastern (Noon Central; 11:00 Mountain; 10:00 Pacific)

Duration per class: 55 minutes

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